CMS Tanzania

Blast Hole Drilling

Our blast hole drilling teams focus on outstanding delivery: competent crews provide accurate drill holes, eliminating expensive and time consuming re-drills and gear lost in ground; flexible capacity ensures we can adjust productivity to meet the needs of the mill; and excellent relationships with our local crews provide a stable, long-term workforce.

In addition, we ensure we deliver professional drilling results: secure, even walls with visible, straight barrels; and smooth pit floors avoiding costs associated with uneven roads slowing trucks or damaging chassis’ and tyres.

We work closely with all our clients, at site level through to senior management, initiating thorough communication, reporting and review processes for all projects.  We collect and analyse data to assess performance and provide continuous improvement.

We leverage our expertise and experience from our global operations to provide innovative solutions and valuable advice and insights for efficient planning and execution of production drilling programs.

And without compromise, our focus is on delivering safe drilling solutions, regardless of location.

Blast Hole Services

  • Blast hole – all sizes
  • Pre-splits  - all sizes 
  • Down the Hole (DTH)
  • Rotary top hammer