CMS Tanzania

Geochemical Analysis Laboratory Services

Our laboratory services company, MSALABS provides geochemical laboratory services for the exploration and mining industries. Our services are suitable from greenfields exploration through to production.

Our team take the time to understand your program. If you are unsure about what analysis you need we will work closely with you to understand what stage your project is at and what your specific goals are. This enables us to recommend a tailored suite of analysis methodology to provide the data you need.

We also focus on your whole sampling process, providing advice on up-stream processes including labelling and packaging to assist you get the best results. 

Geochemical Analysis Services: 

  • Sample preparation for soils, drill core, rock and RC chips;  
  • Metallic screening;
  • Carbon, sulphur and mercury analysis;
  • Trace metal analysis by digestion/ICP-ES;
  • Ultra-trace metal analysis by digestion/ICP-MS;
  • Specific gravity testing.

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